Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet Fawn Fairy

I think everyone has heard of Tinker belle Fairy...Well, as it turns out she has fairy friends and one of them is named Fawn Fairy.

I honestly don't know much about Fawn but she's Lily's favorite.  As Lily celebrates her 5th birthday, she requested a Fawn Fairy cake.

And how could I say no?  I'd like to thank Disney for making Fawn Fairy have similar bone structure as Cinderella.  It makes my life that much easier, when I can reuse a shaped cake pan...Which is exactly what I did.

Chocolate Almond cake baked in the Cinderella Wilton pan, covered and filled with buttercream and decorated to look like Fawn Fairy.  I made the wings from Waxed paper.  Because what is a fairy without wings?

Happy Birthday Lily!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I have twin three year old girls.  We don't play with Transformers in my house.  But it's Sam's birthday and he plays with Transformers...So it's off to search Google Images I go!

Immediately the logo comes up and a lot of fire.  I don't understand the association but I can roll with it.

This cake is Vanilla covered and filled with vanilla buttercream.  I used the frozen buttercream transfer technique from Wilton.  I liked that technique and would definitely try it again.  I found a tutorial on YouTube, of course.  For the flames I used a curved rose petal tip and put red and yellow in the same bag.  I was fairly pleased with the results.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Butterfly and Flower Wedding Cake

I had the honor of making a wedding cake for our friends Ralph and Karen recently.

It was my first wedding cake.  Karen showed me some flowers and butterflies she had drawn and asked if I could use those as inspiration.  Their backyard garden is filled with flowers and butterflies in the summer and since that was the location of the event they wanted to use those as the theme of the cake.  She opted to keep the flowers and butterflies very whimsical and with bright colors.

The Wedding was held on a Saturday evening and since I was making the flowers from a mixed of fondant and gum-paste, I knew I need a few days for them to dry.  I started making flowers a week in advance.  But left all the baking and about half of the flowers for the Thursday and Friday prior to the wedding.

And as is usually the case, life had other plans...Like my dog knocking me down and dragging me 10 feet along the ground while she tried to chase a rabbit out of the yard, which ended in a minor concussion for me.  Turns out it's literally painful to concentrate with a concussion.  Needless to say, making the wedding cake and the rest of the flowers with said concussion was not easy.

But I got it done on time and napped here and there when I felt dizzy.  Good Times!

THe butterflies are suspended on wires to look like they're hovering just above the flowers.  Hard to see here.

Both tiers of cake were Red Velvet covered and filled with cream cheese frosting.  And the best part was that I was invited to the wedding so I got to eat it too!

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