Saturday, June 18, 2011

Broiche for Father's Day: Part One

It's ALWAYS an adventure for me in the kitchen.  I'm not neccessarily new at this, I've been baking for a few years now, but some how, SOME thing always goes wrong.  So, I'm making a batch of Broiche dough from the book, "Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day" (I really like this book).  And this recipe calls for 8 eggs lightly beaten.  So I get out my kitchenaid hand blender and the measuring cup that comes with, I crack all the eggs into this thing and it's full.  I think, "I'll just whip it for a second or two to 'slightly beat' the eggs, and WHOA!  about 3 eggs come slinging out of the measuring cup and all over the counter.  What the heck just happened?  I'm guessing this hand blender was too fast, or maybe the cup was too full, but whatever the case now it's a mess on the counter top.


So I clean that up.  And move onto the flour, 7.5 cups worth.  (Yeah, I know, sounds like a lot of flour but this recipe makes 4 loaves of Broiche.)  I'm doing the scoop and sweep method and of course I sweep a bunch of flour over the side of my flour container unto the counter...Then the spatula I'm using to sweep my flour cup falls into my dough mixture, which is VERY wet.  Lovely.  No wonder it takes me forever to bake.  I'm always cleaning up a mess I've just created.

I just laughed.  You have to.  Right after the eggs jumped out of the measuring cup I was in hysterics.  My daughter Olivia (one of my twin two year olds) didn't quite know what to make of my laughter.  So she says, "Mommy I'll make you happy" and gives my leg a hug.  Oh.  What a sweet-heart (right now).  Wash my hands and give her a proper hug back.  "You do make me happy, pumpkin.  You do make me ahppy."

Bakc to Broiche, and luckily no additional messes.  What will I do with all this dough?  Well, I'm planning to make at least one or two into a coffeecake for Father's day brunch at my mom's house.  My sister and our families, as well as my in-laws always have brunch on Fahter's day at my parents house.  It's usually nice weather, so we eat on the deck and drink mimosas and eat lots of high calorie foods.  It's GREAT!

Here's a photo from one of my other Broiche batches.  I rolled it out into a rectangle and spread a thick layer of Nutella on top.  Then I rolled it up, jellyroll style and baked it in a loaf pan covered in parchment paper (a little trick from the Cooks Illustrated baking book, which worked marvelously).  It was SOOO good.

For Father's day, I'm thinking I'll do something with fruit.  Probably fresh strawberries, but I haven't decided yet.  I was thinking maybe sliced fresh strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate ganache.  Does that sound good or what?!  I'll post photos once I've figured it all out.  Until then...

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