Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bread and peanut butter cookies

These look pretty good, right?

Only four ingredients...flour, peanut butter, chicken broth and meat-based baby food.  YUM!  Well, it may turn your stomach but the canines in this house raved about them.  Which means they paced around the kitchen with their noses in the air and begged as I milled around in the kitchen.

Yes.  These were intentionally dog cookies.  When we got our dogs, several years ago.  I bought a baking for dogs cookie book.  And it has sat on my bookshelf with all of my good intentions, until this weekend.  The oven was on (homemade bread)

and the girls were busy "baking" (with playdoh)

 so I pulled out the doggie cookie book.

My first recipe was quite straight forward.  Mix those four ingredients and then bake.  The dogs, LOVED them.  I think I heard Sofie say, "Best.Cookie.Ever!"

As for the bread.  I thought it was a huge success just for the fact that it rose enough to be a half way decent sandwich bread.  The recipe was straight out of the Illustrated Baking cookbook.  Most of the kneading was with the Kitcheaid, which by the way was working hard.  A couple more loafs of bread and I'll be needing myself a new KitchenAid Professional!  So if anyone is feeling EXTREMELY generous, it is on my wish list!!!  HINT, hint, hint.

I love my Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day book, doesn't rise up nice a big.  So if you're trying to make instead of buy sandwich bread, as I am, then those loaves just don't cut it.  And they fall apart.  Try eating a sandwich when the bread just falls to pieces.  You're left holding your meat.  And in mixed company that is not always acceptable.

Two successes for this weekend.  Sandwich bread and dog cookies.  Next I'll tell you about making my own pumpkin puree from a fresh pie pumpkin.  Stay tuned.

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