Monday, November 28, 2011

Pumpkin Harvest Scones

Last night my family had a bonfire.

The temps were in the 40s, so we bundled up and sat close to the fire.  We even cooked our dinner on the fire.  Hot dogs on a stick.  Potatoes in foil cooked over the coals.  Then smore's for dessert.

We were fumbling around in the dark because no one remembered to bring a flashlight...  And, because there was beer involved, no doubt.

There's something magical about a fire, bonfire, campfire.  The food tastes better when it's cooked outside over the fire.  The conversation is more lively, and entertaining.  The cool air draws everyone closer.

There was even talked about doing it again on a warm winter afternoon.  We'll wear our snow-suits and make the fire bigger...I can't wait.

This morning it's Harvest Pumpkin Scones from the King Arthur Flour blog.  The smell of the cinnamon chips is filling the house and making it difficult to wait for them to be done.

Find the recipe here.  These are filled with minced crystallized ginger and cinnamon chips.  De-lish!  Coat the tops with milk and coarse sugar.

Head over to the KAF's blog for the recipe and make them straight away.  You won't be sorry.

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