Monday, December 12, 2011

Oatmeal Bread failures

How many times do you attempt a bread recipe and have it fail before it's OK to give up?

Twice?  Is two times enough failed bread to call it quits?

BEcause I've tried twice now to make this sandwich bread and TWICE I have failed.  Is now a good time to throw in the towel?

And what does one do with two failed loaves of bread?

At first glance you think...That doesn't look so bad.  Why do you say it failed?

Then I put this photo up and you realize, that huge pan is an ordinary loaf pan.  It's the bread that's so SMALL!  That's a tiny sandwich.  And let me tell you,

Chips.  Seemed the answer to one of those questions.  See the bread tastes good.  Has good flavor, but I'm having a rising problem.  The first time I think I must have killed most of the yeast.  It rose slightly (domed) but was not nearly the size it should be for sandwiches (as evidenced by the 3rd photo.  Nor the correct texture inside.

It's dense.  Really, REALLY dense.  Did I mention that already?  My husband cut a thin slice and it created this idea that maybe I could toast it and make crackers!!!  I looked up "Homemade pita chips" and thought this would be the ticket.  serve it up with some roasted red pepper hummus.

But it wasn't.  They are hard and yet chewy...It's really quite strange.  Not pleasant to eat.  I ended up throwing the "chips" away.  As for the bread?  Well, we tried to eat it, one tiny slice at a time...But the mold got to it first.  I had to throw the rest out this afternoon.  Maybe I should stick to cake.

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