Friday, February 3, 2012

CAbi logo cake

Carol Anderson by invitation, (CAbi) is a clothing company who's business model seems to be a bit like Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple and countless others.  A consultant comes to your home, you invite all your girlfriends and you shop in the comfort of your home and the company of your best friends.

What could be better?!  Girls LOVE this kind of thing, apparently.  Otherwise there wouldn't be so many companies using this business model.  So where does cake come into play???

Well, if you're throwing a CAbi party why not serve a CAbi dress cake.  Ta-da!! logo
My attempt to reproduce in cake.

This is a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  For all you people out there that WANT to love carrot cake...but you just don't, this may be the cake for you.

But then again I'm biased.  I LOVE Carrot Cake and spice cakes and cream cheese frosting. OMG!  How I  ADORE cream cheese frosting.  Best.Frosting.EVER!

And when paired with the spicy and moist pumpkin spice cake, I just want to dive in and spend the day.

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