Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dirt Track Racing with Lightning McQueen

There must have been something in the water, because this is the third Third Birthday Cake I've made in as many weeks.  And the second Lightning McQueen cake as well!

I really love this movie.  I watch the movie over and look for clips to find the right scene for inspiration.

This is a marble cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, which the birthday boy specifically requested. I filled the inside with chocolate pudding.  The rock formations are cereal treats covered in chocolate frosting.  The cactus and Mater's hood are fondant.  The gravel is crushed Nilla wafers.  I think it would have looked better if it were completely covered in fondant...But I don't especially like to eat fondant so I hate to over do it.

I think it was during the credits that Mater was fishing for his lost hood.   He said something like, "Look!  I found my hood."  He puts it on and with a noticeably nasal voice, say, "How do I look?!"  Sneeze and off it flies.  "Shoot."

Mater is by far my favorite character.  Thanks for stopping by.

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