Monday, March 5, 2012

Under the Sea Baby Shower Cake

My friend Dawn is pregnant with her first child, a boy.  Finding out that she was pregnant brought back a LOT of memories.  It happens every time I find out someone is pregnant.  Being pregnant, at least for me, was such a profound experience.  It changed me forever, as I think it does for most women.

Memories of the mix of emotions.  Joy and a little apprehension.  How will this person change me and my life?  Memories of the physical changes and sensations.  Feeling the movements of another life within is strange and remarkable.  I'll never forget lying in bed and feeling two sets of hiccups while trying to sleep.  I smile now thinking about it, but I also remember being slightly annoyed at the time.

Dawn and her husband Kevin, painted the baby's room a beautiful medium blue color.  Which she remarked evoked visions of ocean life...Thus an Under the Sea themed baby shower cake was born.

Immediately I was flooded with ideas.  Baby riding the ocean currents to a tropical island.  Once the cradle washed ashore, baby attempts to climb out and explore the island, while a mermaid watches from nearby.  Below, life in the ocean unfolds.  An octopus and coral, fish and other sea creatures.

Dawn and Kevin are adventurous people, traveling to faraway lands and conquering mountain tops on their snowboards.  So having their child climbing out to explore seemed natural.  This is may not be the typical baby shower cake, not as cutesy.  But still a lot of fun.

 My octopus was inspired from Debbie Brown's Enchanted Cakes for Kids.  I like how he turned out.

I still have not mastered a perfectly smooth buttercream...I might be over whipping it.  If you have any advice, please leave me a comment.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Truly and extremely wonderful baby shower cake; even till now I never saw any cake like that serves perfect purpose for the party. For my sister’s baby shower at LA venue, I will also get cake like this. I am sure she will love it.