Monday, September 19, 2011

Meaghan's Horse Cake

My neice Meaghan, has horse fever, just like my twin girls.  All I hear about, all they play with are horses - same with Meaghan (I think).  Last year for her birthday we gave Meaghan a stick horse.  Meaghan and my own girls loved it.  So a few months later for Christmas, my girls got stick horses from Santa.  And so the horse fever was perpetuated.  This year for her birthday she requested a horse cake.  A tan horse with a brown mane.

As soon as her father told me what she wanted I envisioned and square cake covered with a green buttercream pasture.  Around the sides a fence and in the middle a fondant figure of Meaghan and her tan horse.  As you can see from the photo above...That vision was modified...When out of pure habit, I pulled out my 9 inch round pans and poured the batter in.  It wasn't until they were half baked that I realized the mistake.  And as you can also see from the photo...Meaghan is NOT sitting in the pasture with her horse.  It just didn't happen.  Here is the list of excuses;

  • Allergies
  • Insomina
  • 80 pounds of tomatoes in my basement slowly being turned into sauce or mold, depending on who gets to them first.
  • Kerry committing to do another cake for the same day
  • Migraines
Now I am capable of doing two cakes in one wkend...But I guess with everything else life served up for me this past wkend, something had to give.  Sorry Meg.  She didn't know that she was missing so she didn't miss herself - and liked the cake.  It was a vanilla cake with two layers of strawberry filling and one layer of buttercream - because you can almost never have too much buttercream.

And another photo to show more of the details.  Yes, I am proud of this cake.

Tulips in September and a bluebird on the fence post.

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