Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raspberry Jelly

Homemade raspberry jelly.  Yes I have figured out the difference between jelly and jam (thanks to the Blue Book guide to preserving by Ball).  As a child, my mom would make jams and jelly every summer.  My favorite part was getting a taste of the sweet and sticky stuff while it was still hot.  She'd spread a little on a Ritz cracker.  This is my first year making jams and jelly.  And so the tradition continues.  As I scrape off a little from the top of the pot and spread it on buttery crackers for my own girls.

The difference is my mom used to make raspberry jam, which includes bits of crushed fruit and ALL those seeds.  I own a Back to Basics food mill, and recently purchased a berry screen...Which means, I can easily make raspberry jelly (excluding the seeds)!  All the great flavor of raspberries without having to pick your teeth for hours trying to get those seeds from between my molars!  The food mill with berry screen worked great!  All the juice, none of the seeds.

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