Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Pink Monster - a 3 tiered cake

My friend Megan turned 30 years old this August and her fiancee graduated with this MBA this spring.  So they threw a big party and asked me to make a cake.  Megan had clear ideas of type of cake she wanted.  Three tiers, pink fondant, silver dragees and white lace on the tops of each cake.  Three tiers means this is a big cake.

Let's review the stats for this beast.
3 pounds of marshmallows
9 pounds of confectioner's sugar
9 sticks (2.25 pounds) of butter
11 cups of granulated sugar (roughly 5 pounds)
3 pounds of flour

Yes, I think I have it named properly as The Pink Monster!

But as a special little extra Andy thought it would be fun to have fondant figures of both Megan and Andy.  I put Megan on top holding a small pink cake.  And Andy was so tired from trying to climb up the cake, he collapsed on the of the top.  Though some thought he was tired from all the schooling.

The bottom tier was Chocolate Cake with dark chocolate ganache filling.  The middle tier was vanilla cake with cannoli cream filling.  The top tier was a yellow cake with peach puree and buttercream frosting as the filling.  Everything was from scratch.  The cake recipes were straight out of the Confetti Cakes Cookbook, except for the addition of the peach puree.  That was my experiment.  The peach flavor didn't come through so I'll have to work on that one.  Everyone seemed to like it but most importantly, Andy and Megan liked it.  So that makes me happy.

Andy was holding his diploma and cap but it's behind Megan.

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