Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pumpkin Cake - but just on the outside

This pumpkin cake is largely inspired by a cake from Debbie Brown's book 50 easy party cakes, but with my spin on it.  This cake was donated to the Union Hill United Methodist Church for a silent auction.  The auction was part of a fundraising fall festival event held last wkend.

On the inside this cake is Apple Cinnamon, another recipe from the Confetti Cakes for Kids cookbook.  I covered it with a "Quick Carmel Frosting" out of the Cakemix Doctor's cookbook.  The flavor combo was really quite nice, but this is more of a glaze than a frosting.  You cook the ingredients and then try to get it on the cake in a nice even coating as fast as humanly possible before it stiffens up and then that's it. I had used this frosting, or rather glaze, once before but it had been a while and so I had forgotten how utterly frustrating it is to work with.  HOLY CRAP!  It was going so badly that I just had to laugh-out-loud or I would have started crying.

Luckily I had already planned to cover the entire cake in MMF so I didn't have to worry about how ugly it was after the carmel glaze episode.  I drove it up to my friend at the church and she liked the way it looked.  Later on she told me that her sister ended up buying the cake and she was able to eat a slice, as well as her mother.  She mentioned that her mother said it was the best tasting cake she'd ever had.  WOW!   I think is high praise, so I'm pleased.

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