Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peach Cobbler

Peach cobbler seems like one of those comforting desserts.  There's something very homey about it.  The sweet fruit filling with a dumpling like topping conjure images of country living.  I modified a recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook by increasing the peaches, sugar and cinnamon.  And the proof is in the tasting, my version is just right for my tastebuds.  I stumbled upon the combination of cinnamon and peaches a little while back and have paired the two ever since.

Recently I received a free copy of Cook's Country magazine and on the front cover was Texas-Style Fruit Cobbler.  It never occurred to me that different parts of the country might make cobbler in a different way.  I know, very narrow minded of me.  I was tempted to try this new version but liked my current method so much that I passed, this time.  But there's always next summer.  Here's how my cobbler looked a few wks ago when I made it fresh.  Yum!  Enjoy.

Fresh peach cobbler.

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