Friday, January 20, 2012

Motorcycle Birthday Cake

I have twin girls.  They like princesses, horses and playing with dolls.  The movie Cars does not thrill them.  Our car is just a means from point A to point B.  So I don't know much about the world of boys and their toys, but growing up my dad was always working on a sports car project.  He'd buy a wrecked up corvette and then rebiuld it - this was his hobby.  So I like fast cars.  I can appreciate a sports car.  The sound of an old American Muscle car.  But motorcycles have never been my thing.  A real life motorcycle scares me.  So this cake was a challenge.

I have blurred Own's last name to protect his privacy.  

Owen say my Lightning Mcqueen and really wanted to eat one of the wheels.  So for his third birthday his dad said a tire and motorcycle themed cake would be perfect.

Tire cake prior to putting everything else on it.  THis shows the treads the best.

The cake was a tire, complete with black chocolate fondant.  I had to really work to get the treads look deep enough.

Here's a close up of my motorcycle.  I found some photos of Harley's on Flickr and picked one to use as my model.  I used Oreos as my wheels.  They seemed to be the perfect size for my fondant vehicles.

Here's a side view of the motorcycle.  I made a wire kick-stand to support the bike on top of the cake. and used a piece of large spaghetti for the sign post.

It needed something else, so I modeled a helmet and driving gloves.  I'm pleased with how it all turned out.  Let me know what you think!

Owen's last name has been blurred to protect his privacy.

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