Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maybe I shouldn't make bread

I'm starting to think that the someone is trying to send me a message that I should NOT try to make bread.

Because it never turns out right.  Or at least this particular recipe for bread should not be attempted.

See I'm trying to make Oatmeal Sandwich bread.  My first two attempts failed.  But this time the bread gods got violent in their attempts to stop my bread making efforts.

They THREW my KitchenAid mixer on the floor.

OK, well that's a bit dramatic and not exactly what happened.  Here's the story.  I'm making this Oatmeal Sandwich bread recipe in my third attempt.  It's going pretty well and my little KitchenAid is working hard to knead it for me.  I put a piece of non-skid pad under it, make sure it's safely away for the edge of the counter-top and go call my mom in the other room while it works for 10 minutes.

I'm not more than a minute into my conversation and when I check on it...It seems to have moved.  I'm about 10 feet away when I see it slip off the edge in slow motion as I scream S*&% and run over to find it still plugged in and now whipping my bread dough all over the floor.

Go ahead and laugh, it's funny now.  But it was scary and sad at the time.  I had to throw out the dough.

Here's the amazing part.  There was no damage.  My laminate floor is not dented or even scratched.  My mixer still runs (though may not be quite right - we're still investigating this), the dough hook is not bent or broken.  Really it's all quite amazing.

Today I'm using my mixer for the first time since the accident...And it runs but there seems to be a misalignment going on.  I'll have my husband look into and report back with details to come.

What's the worst thing to happen to your mixer?

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